• The exhibition’s Technical Committee met this morning at Ficoba
  • Six months prior to the start date, 30% of the exhibition space is already sold
  • MUBIL Mobility Expo will be held at Ficoba on 17 and 18 April

The Technical Committee of MUBIL Mobility Expo, Southern Europe’s professional trade show for the sustainable mobility industry, met this morning at Ficoba, the exhibition’s venue.

Participants at the meeting learnt about the progress of the different organisational aspects, such as attracting exhibitor companies and organising the array of activities that make MUBIL Mobility Expo the professional meeting point for the value chain of clean, accessible, secure and connected sustainability mobility. The main public and private actors converge at this event, geared to providing industrial and digital solutions for the current needs and future challenges of sustainable mobility.

The first sales figures have been released and a good response from the sector is clear, with 30% of the exhibition space already sold at a time when smart, sustainable mobility, one of the biggest global challenges, is being pushed to make numerous decisions, particularly regarding the pace of adopting solutions to address this challenge.

The next MUBIL Mobility Expo is therefore an even greater opportunity for the entire sustainable mobility value chain, which will have the chance to pool information, solutions, commitments and perspectives on how this challenge should be met.

This MUBIL Mobility Expo will also enhance its offer of meeting points, with sector debate forums on real issues to be faced, creating spaces for discussion on topics such as the green hydrogen alternative, last mile transport or charging infrastructure.

The spotlight will also be on the offerings of the exhibitor companies, who will be able to present their own conferences after selection by a panel of experts.

These two initiatives are a new addition to the habitual conference schedule with Spanish and international speakers, and the information activity will be rounded off with the City Market Place, where different European cities present their specific sustainable mobility challenges and companies offer products, services and solutions to address them.

About MUBIL Mobility Expo

The Basque Country is one of the most cutting-edge regions addressing research, manufacture, development and deployment of new products, services and solutions for sustainable mobility.

MUBIL Hub, the Basque Country’s smart sustainable mobility hub created as part of the Gipuzkoa Regional Government’s “Etorkizuna Eraikiz” initiative and supported by the Basque Government and the Basque Energy Board (EVE), will make a decisive contribution to this effort with the aim of strengthening the existing capacities in this sector, driving its development and reinforcing the competitiveness and international positioning of the business fabric in this field.

The Basque Country has an experienced and innovative industrial fabric distributed across the value chain, from leading companies, technology centres acclaimed in Europe and dynamic specialist clusters to universities pooling talent, vocational training centres, entrepreneurial ventures and pioneering public actors who define and deploy innovative mobility solutions.

All this has created a sufficient critical mass to be able to launch a project like MUBIL Mobility Expo, created in the Basque Country but with its sights set on the whole of Southern Europe. MUBIL Mobility Expo is an event organised by MUBIL with the collaboration of the Gipuzkoa Regional Government, the Basque Government and the Basque Energy Board.

Members of the MUBIL Mobility Expo Technical Committee    

The MUBIL Mobility Expo Technical Committee is made up of representatives of public institutions, companies, technology centres and associations working in the sustainability mobility and energy areas.

  • AEDIVE (Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Vehicles)
  • BRTA-Basque Research and Technology Alliance
  • Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce
  • Energy Cluster
  • Basque Mobility and Logistics Cluster
  • Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Gipuzkoa
  • Gipuzkoa Regional Government
  • EIT Innoenergy (European Institute of Innovation & Technology)
  • EIT Urban Mobility (European Institute of Innovation & Technology)
  • Basque Energy Board
  • Basque Government
  • CAF-Solaris Group
  • Ibil
  • Indar (Ingeteam Group)
  • Irizar e-mobility
  • Basque Country/Navarra/Aquitania Euro-region Office
  • Petronor
  • Tecnalia